After additional pondering, research, and listening to advice. I have
reported the bird in question as a Sharpie on eBird. Here is my reasoning:

1. The squared off tail and pattern.
2. The small size of the bird.
3. It's behavior.

The hawk did not behave like a Coop. Someone pointed out that Sharpies
don't mind being out in the open, but Coops prefer to stick to wooded
areas. That made me start thinking about a particular Coop that I am
familiar with. It likes to hang out around a wooded area toward the SE of
my work complex where I was birding. I have seen it several times over
those trees, but I have never seen it stray from that wooded area. It might
circle a bit over the edge of the area, but always heads back over the

The hawk in question, however, came from the East where there is a line of
trees separating our complex from a residential neighborhood, instead of
the direction of the wooded area. The hawk crossed over a softball field, a
parking lot, a road and loading dock and then over the large one-story
office building I work in, heading west. The west side of the building is a
very large open field, a 4 lane road, and then a dense neighborhood with
few trees. This hawk seemed very at home crossing over this wide open area.
This behavior is what finally convinced me that it was a Sharpie instead of
a Coop.

I wish I had put in that detail in my initial post, but it just hadn't
crossed my mind that it might help with IDing this bird.

If anyone has any alternative viewpoints or think that I could be wrong
with this ID, I would love to hear any opinions.

Thanks again for everyone's help.

Lee Herbst - AK4WN
Ocala, FL

"Give God your best and let Him do the rest" - Facing the Giants

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