To those commenting, my humble comment.

There are no reasons not to have a hummingbird feeder or two up and
maintained (solution replaced twice a week and feeder cleaned once a week)
anywhere in central to north FL,  year round! In FL I strongly recommend
that that folks buy small feeders and fill them with less than 8 oz. of 4-1
solution. We don't have the numbers of hummers found in the west or further
north that will empty a feeder in less than 3 days.    That said, I will
also add that a feeder may very well not attract a single hummer!  Urban
areas with few trees, protective foliage and other food sources (nectar
producing flowers) will not attract hummers regardless of the number of
feeders one might put in place. Hummingbirds as a minimum require three of
the four habitat essentials (food, water, shelter and nesting sites) and
feeders are not essential for hummingbirds, nor do they instinctively use
them.  Feeder use by hummers is a learned experience.

A feeder alone will rarely guarantee that you will ever have a hummer use
it!  Hummingbirds are a bit like homebuyers and are attracted to location,
location, location!

Joe Misiaszek


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