Hi all,

Not much was going on at Fort De Soto Park this morning.  A few warblers, mostly Yellows, but nothing to get excited about.  If the rain continues the next few days it will only get better when it clears.

I saw a flock of approx. 340 Red Knots just north of the Redington Beach Long Pier.  Several had flags, but most had faded over the years and were unreadable.  Two looked to be readable, and if you see/read them differently don't hesitate to let  me know.

The one with 3MA, or is it 8MA?  But if it is 3MA it was banded at Anna Maria Island (Manatee Co) in Jan 2010 and was last sighted in March 2012 at Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

The one I think is marked EE6 was banded at Indian Shores in Feb 2009.  It 's been reported many times over the years from New Jersey down to Florida.  The last time was Aug 31, 2015 at Indian Shores!

Ron Smith
St. Pete, FL

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