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Defense of a Master’s Thesis


“Incongruous Conceptions: Owen Jones’s Plans, Elevations, Sections and Details of the Alhambra and British views of Spain”


Andrea Johnson

For the M.A. degree in

Art History


Friday, January 29, 2016

2:00 p.m.

FAH 290



Examining Committee

                                                            Major Professor:               Dr. Elisabeth Fraser

                                                            Committee Members:       Dr. Esra Akin-Kivanc

                                                                                                         Dr. Allison Moore

                                                            Questioners:                       Dr. Pamela Brekka

                                                                                                         Dr. Riccardo Marchi

                                                                                                         Dr. Helena Szepe                                                                                         


James Moy, Ph.D.                                                                                                        Dwayne Smith, Ph.D.

Dean                                                                                                                              Senior Vice Provost & Dean,

The College of The Arts                                                                                             Office of Graduate Studies

Disability Accommodations:

If you require a reasonable accommodation to participate, please contact the Office of Diversity & Equal Opportunity at 813-974-4373 at least five (5) working days prior to the event.