The most recent observationsreported for FLARBA qualifying species are 
listed below:

8/12/17—*Ruf**f*. Palm Beach County, Six MileBend, sod farm area(~GPS 

8/12/17—*Bahama Mockingbird*(adult and apparent Bahama Mockingbird x 
Northern Mockingbird offspring). BrevardCounty, Canaveral National 
Seashore, Lot #2(~GPS 28.657825, -80.633162).

8/12/17—*Fork-tailed Flycatcher*. Orange County, Lake Apopka Wildlife 
Drive(Trail entrance ~GPS 28.669234, -81.557918;
flycatcher location ~GPS28.720660, -81.629069).

8/8/17—*Western Spindalis*. Miami-Dade County, Everglades NP, Long Pine 
Key Campground; near campsite #96(~GPS25.398509, -80.655439).

8/5/17—*Black-faced Grassquit*.**Miami-Dade County, Everglades NP, Long 
Pine Key Campground(~GPS 25.398587, -80.655525).

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