For many years,the FLARBA(a member of the USF listserve system ), has
providedbirders with the latest information on Floridararities. However,
nowavailable are various digital apps and sites that are better suited
to provide birders with the latest information on rarities, making
rather obsolete the FLARBAlistserve.County Rare BIrds
<>allows birders to get immediately all info posted
to eBirdaboutraritiesfound anywhere in the US and Canada. This info
includes maps and GPS locations for each rare bird reported. There are
also Florida Birding pages on Facebook that provide additional
information on these rarities. Put "Florida birding" in the search block
and look for pages that offerinformation on rarities.

The list owners appreciate all those who provided us over the years
withpertinent information on FL rarities. We wish all of yougood birding
and safe travels. This is the final post on the FLARBA listserve.

FLARBA co-list owners:

Lyn Atherton
Margie Wilkinson
Roberto Torres
Charlie Ewell

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