May 6, 2018
A birding friend emailed me today asking when MIKIs would show up here in south Marion County. "Due any time”, I replied.  
My earliest sightings from the last couple of years were April 24, 2016, and May 12, 2017. So……. I decided to go find a Mississippi Kite today. 
I went to the area where I regularly saw them last year and drove around. AND drove around some more. I saw many birds in the neighborhood: Great-crested Flycatchers, House Finches, Northern Mockingbirds, American Crows, Northern Cardinals, Blue Birds, Blue Jays. I wasn’t giving up, it had only been an hour, now 5:00pm. I pulled the car over and just sat for a few minutes watching some noisy Crows being Crows. THEN I saw one MIKI very high and far away.  I Jumped out of the car, took one picture, and then saw another bird flying closer to me.  I got a few shots but MIKIs flew away and I couldn’t find them again. Best pictures I could take with the white sky and it was beginning to drizzle.
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Alice Horst
Marion County, FL
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