Yesterday morning,  a rainfall and change of wind direction the night before brought in great numbers of birds. The only other birders I saw there were Tom and Carla Ledford and Sarah and  Isabella Muro, who shared in the enjoyable birding.  I observed more than a hundred low altitude fly-over Warblers in the Sanctuary and Library parking lots but there were also a good number of birds in the trees there and in different parts of the Sanctuary itself. I put my binocs on over 30 American Redstarts but there were more than that present – just wanted to find other species.  Warblers I saw:


  1. Parulas ( 8 -heard many more)
  2. Cape Mays (3)
  3. Black-throated Blues (6)
  4. Blackpolls (7)
  5. Black and Whites (3)
  6. Common Yellowthroat (several heard only)
  7. Redstarts (30 +)


Some of the others in addition saw Ovenbirds, a Prairie and a Pine Warbler. Notable birds I also saw were a R.T. Hummingbird feasting on a Trumpet Flower, Chimney Swift, a Tricolored Heron unusual in Turkey Creek Sanct., Great-crested Flycatchers, and many B.G. Gnatcatchers. I would have stayed longer but for a prior commitment as the activity continued.


This morning was a different story. With the good weather there and further north the birds had largely left. Saw only a few birds and they were mostly in one flock on the Scrub Trail. Six Warbler species with only three Redstarts! However, one Warbler was a beautiful Magnolia in Spring Plumage.


Bill Haddad

Palm Bay, Fl.


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