June 2, 2018
Beautiful day on Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive today. We tallied 36 species + 1 Jungle Fowl.
Bird of the day, for me, was the Least Bittern.  We saw at least 8 adult birds flying about, 2 were feeding 3 chicks very well hidden in cattails.
We also saw 3 Black-necked Stilt chicks very far out in marsh.
Barn Swallows were numerous on wires and sitting on the gravel drive although I don’t know why.
Common Moorhens had numerous chicks of different ages begging to be fed.
We did not see any Limpkin to help with the ongoing Limpkin Survey.

Fuzzy picture of fuzzy Least Bittern chick.  Very well hidden.

Black-necked Stilt chick

Our “surprise” bird.  Just wandering around.

Barn Swallow

Every day is a GREAT day to go birding.
Alice Horst, Marion County, FL
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