Paynes Prairie was really nice today. Water has receded substantially but most of walking trail continues to be closed.  Around the boardwalk there was plenty of activity: Common and Purple Gallinules, Great and Little Blue Herons, Snowy and Great Egrets, Osprey, several screaming Limpkins, Sandhill Cranes, Anhingas, Red-winged Blackbirds. I thought I heard a Rail but could not find it. Northern Cardinals were singing and flying around. 
I watched a Little Blue eat an appetizer and then stab a large lunch for himself. Many Snail eggs around so Limpkins won’t be leaving anytime soon.

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La Chua Trail continues to be flooded.                                   
Boardwalk was wonderful as it was under cloud cover today.

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Purple Gallinule. I saw several.

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I could hardly believe this. 
Little Blue Heron swallowed this poor frog whole - once he got it under control.

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This was fascinating to watch!

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Finally - Limpkin was QUIET!

Every day is a GREAT day to go birding!
Alice Horst, Marion County
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