July 19, 2018
Late this afternoon I saw several STKIs in Sumter County in different areas.  In an area on 229 behind Oak Hill Cemetery I saw 2 STKIs flying and heard one bird calling. There was a young STKI perched in a tree quite far from me calling to be fed. Adult came into tree with food, youngster appeared to be eating and then began calling again. Eventually, young bird flew out of tree, circled over me and disappeared.

                             STKI flying                                                                 2nd STKI perched in tree crying for food

Youngster crying to be fed                                                            Adult come to tree with “food” and flies away

Youngster calls but no one answers                                             Young STKI flies out of tree!

Young STKI circles over me and disappears!
I think bird is old enough to get his own food!

It was about 7:00pm when I left the area.
Birds were in a tree across the cemetery from where I stood.
Every day is a GREAT day to go birding!
Alice Horst, Marion County Fl
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